Projects & Partners

GSKon Sławomir Garus

GSK Industry

GSK Industry integrates and market solutions based on radar technology for industry application. The company offers innovative solutions by utilizing a combination of radar systems to achieve a complete and required result.

    Areas of activity include:
  • selecting the right solution for crane automation systems based on wireless technology featuring real-time position detection and distance measurement, as well as reliable solutions for anti-collision and failsafe telemetry systems
  • technical support, supply of the equipment, parametrization, integration on site and service.

TMW Robotics

TMW Robotics is a modern company that focuses on industrial robots. The core of the company are high-class specialists with many years of field experience, who have a number of successfully completed implementations related to robotics .

    Design and construction of robotic systems:
  • Welding; spot-welding, packing and material handling
  • Creation and modification of robot software, visualization and safety systems
  • Modernization and adaptation of existing solutions to applicable standards and regulations, optimization of solutions and processes in terms of safety, efficiency and quality