Interim Management

Temporary providing of internal management for the organization by a high-class specialist (interim manager), defined in terms of purpose and scope, for the implementation of atypical temporary tasks.
The modern practices of this form of management started in the mid-1970s in the Netherlands.

When to Assing a task?

  • Defining directions of development
  • Defining the strategy
  • Designing systems
  • Expansion into new markets
  • Streamline business processes
  • Accelerating project implementation
  • Building and implementing new structures
  • Coordinating the process of liquidation and connections
  • Planning and implementation of restructuring
  • When a full-time manager is vacant
  • Knowledge and experience support - strengthening the existing team
  • Crisis in the company
  • Execution of unpopular actions

Interim Manager

A high-class specialist with proven experience at the highest levels of management, ready to conclude term contracts for the duration of specific tasks.
Based on her knowledge, he / she proposes changes in the organization, prepares a detailed action plan and helps in its implementation. His / Her actions are always aimed at achieving a specific result.