In its own history, the company has completed many projects, cooperating with, among others, engineering companies, a producer of renewable energy units, an industrial automation distributor, a company producing non-destructive testing equipment, a group division where restructuring was carried out.

    Common Tasks:
  • Reorganization of the structure (procedures, salesperson accounting systems, sales processes, division of duties and responsibilities, introduction of a control system / CRM)
  • Assessment of the existing condition: review of employee competencies, stopping the rotation of the best employees, parting with the weakest
  • Organizing relations with customers: renegotiating contracts and terms, defining partnership relations

About company

Specialization in the organization of sales systems and management of commercial activities of the company.
The GSKon company has been active on the industrial market since 2012.
The owner of the company has many years of experience in management and sale in the industrial market.
He gained his experience performing functions in the boards of international companies and high-level managers in the industrial market B2B.

GSK Group

GSKon and GSK Industry form a capital-related group that has been active on the industrial market since 2012.

GSK Industry integrates and market solutions based on radar technology for industry applications.
It offers innovative solutions by utilizing a combination of radar systems to achieve a complete and required result.
It supports by selecting the right solution for crane automation systems based on wireless technology featuring real-time position detection and distance measurement, as well as reliable solutions for anti-collision and failsafe telemetry systems.